The Challenge

Every journey through the wilderness, without any exceptions, and it doesn’t really

matter if there are full of trees, waves etc, becomes a key issue in the proces of cognizing

oneself. By outfacing some challenges, we can discover who we truly are. Being remotely you

understand that your wallet thikness makes no odds at all, and only skills and pluckiness

become the gauge of your values.

So, that’s why among other things, I decided to undertook the challenge of crossing

the Atlantic Ocean from East to West by a rowing boat on my own. Ocean – is the most

lonely place on our planet. And every day on it can be like a present for a castaway or a boat

rower. You can get burnt, dehydrated, drown, go mad or you can be eaten by sharks…there

are a lot of other dangers and risks. Eventually, it’s not so important if you go head to head

with the elements or you hedge your bets, because you can’t avoid the extremity, so

sometimes it’s better to cross the line bravely with high intensity than live wanning or waiting

until age withers you.

As I mentioned before, a boat ride across the Ocean is really hardly imaginable for human

physiology and psyche, but it’s possible to achieve.

In connection with the above, I’d like to consolidate my upcoming challenge with carrying on

my charitable activity in aid of children and youth of Polish origin living in Siberian areas.

The ‘Present sea mile’ action during my approaching boat ride will help it.

I’d like to emphasize that any previous rides, journeys and records I reached couldn’t be

possible without the enthusiasm, supporting and engagement plenty of people. That’s why I’d

like to acknowledge everybody, who supported and still support me in organizing this


Thank you in advance for every single kind of encouragement and assistance.


Romuald Koperski

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