Romuald Koperski

He’s a great voyager, a famous guide through Siberia region, a pioneer of automotive

expeditions to expansive Siberian areas. He’s also an airline pilot (the first category), an

unusual writer, a journalist-reporter, a photographer, a diver and a professional musician -

pianist. He’s a Guinness record holder.

Romuald Koperski is the author of these books: (‘The Bout with Siberia’, ‘Stow away across

Siberia’, ‘1001 Pictures of Siberia’, ‘Siberia – the Winter Odyssey’, ‘The Unquiet Ocean’),

the author of the photographic exhibitions and a lot of publications about Siberia, that he has

crossed manifoldly on its whole longitude and latitude.

He’s the head of the benevolent foundation inter alia in aid of compatriots living in Siberia

region and he does a lot to protect the National Heritage due East. The organization he leads

mastermind summer holidays for Polish children from Siberia as well as ‘Glasses for Siberia’

action and many others.

He’s the originator and the organiser of the three ‘Trans-Siberia’ automotive rallies

including the longest (30 thousand km.) and the most difficult rally driving in the world that

lasted 39days – ‘‘Trans-Siberia Giant 2004’ the Atlantic-the Pacific-the Atlantic.

Loads of explorative ventures such as:

The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, the Republic of Khakassia, the Altai Mountains, the Republic

of Buryatia, Chukotka, Kolyma, the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Verkhoyansk Mountain Range,

the Yablonovy Mountains, the Chersky Range, the Chekanovsky Mountains, the Momski

Range, The Sayan Mountains, Chaman-Daban, the Suntar-Khayata Range, polar Siberian


The first successful in the world rally driving from Zurich to New York (year 1994). The

route of that pioneering expedition was leading through the unbounded territory of Siberia and

North America.

The tenfold car passing through Siberia on the longitude- more than 140 thousand


The unaccompanied rafting on the longest Siberian river Lena from the source in the Baikal

Mountains to the Arctic Sea (4.500 km.)

In 2002 Romuald Koperski organised a successful winter expedition to Yakutia in order to

find the grave of Jan Czerski.

The pioneering winter automotive venture along the Arctic Ocean coastland. Exploring the

access route to the Bering Strait.

Multiple rides through Mongolia on her longitude and latitude, ventures around Mongolia.

The originator and the director of the most difficult in the history of motorisation winter

automotive expedition from the Cabo da Roca Cape in Portugal to outer suburbs of Chukotka

through Siberia. This great international Polish-Russian expedition in 2008 connected west

and east outskirts of Eurasia. There’s nobody who has reached further by single vehicle


In January 2010 as a musician he permormed the longest fortepiano concert in the world that

lasted 103 hours and 8 seconds. On 10th March in 2010 The Guinness World Records

Committee confered on him the Certificate of the new world record.

In 2013 he undertook the attempt to cross the Pacific Ocean between the Japanese harbour

Choshi and San Francisko on the „Pianist” rowing boat . After overcoming around 700 miles

he had to cease his boat ride because of adverse weather conditions.

In January 2015 he was leading the winter expedition through Siberia named ‘Sibiria Arctic

Expedition’ and they reached up to Chukotka.

This year in the autumn he’s going to cross the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to

the Caribbean Islands by the „Pianist” rowing boat.

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